Portraits and Places - Original oil paintings and ceramics by Gordon Mckenna MA BA
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Have your photograph turned into an original oil painting.

Price is £400 per square foot of oil painting.

Riedel Mews Camden London
Oil on hardwood board
16 inches x 24 inches

Below is the original photograph this painting was made from.
Big Ben London
Oil on hardwood board
20cm x 10cm approx
Other paintings I have made from photographs
Boundary Lane London
Oil on hardwood board
15cm x 11cm
The original photographs used to paint these images.
All copy rights reserved Gordon Mckenna.
Artist in residence option available.
Artist in residence option: The drawings and Gouache paintings that I make while in residence often have more atmospheric and abstract qualities. The works are always very individual and personal to the place I am visiting. Artworks to the value of the accommodation are made available during and at the end of the residency. To have the artist in residence a proposal must include private accommodation with suitable amenities, access to a studio and payment including costs for; workshops, seminars, talks, and demonstrations Please contact me for more information: Gordon Mckenna
Pencil and Gouache while on residence in Florence Italy with the John Kinross Scholarship Royal Scottish Academy 1998